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Engineered Stones

Engineered stones mainly processed under controlled condition in factories by mixing crushed marble lumps or any other natural minerals and small quantity of polyester resin to create a strong bond. Quartz is one natural mineral which is mostly used in the processing. Raw quartz crystals of different sizes are bonded with different resin. The engineered stones created have similar hardness, resistance and strength; that of natural stones. The blocks created are cut into slabs of different sizes and thicknesses. These engineered stone slabs can be used for furniture top, flooring, wall cladding, stair steps and runners, window and door sill, etc. Compared to natural stones, these are more resistant to oils and grease and available at lower cost. Our collection includes stones in many colors and patterns. The engineered stones our company deliver are pre-polished, cut-to-size and calibrated. We ensure consistent quality and consistent shade of stones.

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