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Quartizite Stone

Quartizite stone, available in brown, grey, red and yellow earth-toned colors, is a popular choice amongst home owners, contractors and interior designers for decorating pool areas, bathrooms, kitchens, foyers, patios and entryways. Smooth surface, sturdiness, heat resistance, weathering resistant, harsh chemical resistant, wear and tear resistant, durability and less maintenance are few salient features of this stone; for which it is widely in demand for countertops, feature walls, flooring and stair steps. The hard metamorphic rock is formed by natural, intense heating and pressurization of sandstone. The is transformed Quartzite is quarried and cut into slabs for interior decoration use. The Quartizite stone slabs of high aesthetic appeal can also be used to decorate outer walls of house. The buyers can choose from polished, flamed or sand blasted surfaces. Installing this stone is easy and requires no special tools. So, what are you waiting for, buy any of these stones for your next construction project.