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Granite (rock granite) is composed from the molten rock material that solidifies with time. The grains are large enough that these are easily visible throughout the rock. This rock is formed with a combination of quartz and feldspar along with small quantities of amphiboles, mica, and other minerals. The adhunik brown, antique labrador, apple red, bala flower, lavender blue, sapphire black, shooting star, tiger skin and many more granite stones are widely used for structural and decorative purposes. These polished granite stones are aesthetically beautiful, for which they are widely used in indoor projects. Granite (rock granite) is undoubtedly everywhere, from homes, hotels, resorts, restaurants, temples, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, bridges, monuments, paving and many other interior and exterior projects. Because of its ability to withstand a great amount of pressure and force without any breakage and chipping; it is used as flooring, kitchen and bathroom counter tops, table tops, wall paneling, stair treads and runners.