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Home owners, contractors, interior & exterior designers, retailers and other design professionals turn to Radhamadhav Marbles Pvt. Ltd. for Sandstone in different surface textures and earth-toned colors, such as desert beige, desert pink, eta gold, golden flower, Gwalior mint, Jaisalmer yellow, Khatu teak and rainbow teak. Sandstone is basically a sedimentary rock, which is composed of sand sheets, silt or clay particles and binding matrix. It's uses are endless, used as countertops and for other decorative purposes in interiors; as building stone, paving and facing stone in exteriors; artifacts, sculpture and monuments in antiquity uses; as oil and gas reservoir, petroleum reservoirs, soil conditioner and in aquariums. Easy applicable, this stone is resistive to acid rain, other atmospheric poisons and damages. Due to the surface textures, the sandstone will not become slippery when wet. While, the appearance of the sandstone remains similar even after years, without any maintenance. Buy any of these light weight and chemically inert sandstones from us.