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Enhance the looks of your dining room, kitchen, living room or bathroom with the high end look of Limestone Tiles, available here. The collection comes in beautiful grey, beige to cream color with webbing, veins and clouds to give a naturally textured appealing look. With a glossy polished finishing, the range is sure to reflect the light for an ambient. Spill proof and acid resistant design of the array ensures no harms from the most acidic foods and liquids. The collection of Limestone is available with non breakable and crack proof designs ensuring to provide long lasting life. In addition to this, slip resistant structure of the collection ensures to provide safe walking on the same. You can install the collection very easily with less cutting and leveling. Moreover, the array of available Natural Limestone is also considered as the best option to enhance the looks and style of the interiors with its grand designs merged with high durability and sturdiness.