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Textured Stones and Finishes (Lexim)

Every human tends to like any product based on its color, pattern, texture and finish. This fundamental also applies to construction stones. People when building a home or any other space, try to bring uniqueness and personal styling into it. To suit every taste, our company has bought to the market a large collection of textured stones and finishes (lexim). These stones are named according to their design pattern, texture and appearance, for instance, ocean wave, midnight galaxy, molted chocolate, bamboo, deep earth, rainforest green, hydro soft, lava rock, moon face wave, matrix, ocean black and white galaxy. Anyone can contact us to buy these light weight and long lasting textured stones and finishes (lexim) for their project. You must find the stone of your choice from our huge selection of textured and finished stones, that fit your color, design and budget requirements. Applicable in both indoors and outdoors, these are easy to install and durable enough to stand the test of time.