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Italian Marble

Italian marbles are known worldwide for its highly lustrous appearance. Because these marbles fill up the floors, walls, room perfectly, these are used and demanded widely in hotels, domestic and commercial places, offices, schools and many other places. As an Italian marble exporter, manufacturer and supplier, we provide these can be categorized in various types like Pelato Sicilia, Perlato Royal Light, Perlato Royal Dark, Perlato Vito Chips and many more. Besides, we make these Italian marbles in various colors, designs, patterns and sizes according to specific needs and requirements of our clients. The packing and cutting of these marbles is conducted with great precision to ensure its safety during shipping.

Some of the features we ensure in our Italian marbles are:

  • Texture, colors and luster
  • Availability in various patterns and designs
  • Strong and effective packaging to ensure safety
  • Polished appearance and smooth surface
Spanish Marble

Famous for rich colors, fine finishes, appearance and patterns, Spanish marbles are valued all over the world. These are widely used to adorn the houses, hotels, commercial building, offices, schools, etc. Because of its strength, shine, durability and light, it perfectly suits the interiors of the places. We, reliable Spanish marble manufacturer, exporter and supplier, conduct various processes including crystallization to bring out diverse range of tones and colors to make it adaptable to the requirement of project. Various types of Spanish marbles are made available by us namely, Crema Marfil Marble, Perlati Savio, Coffee Pearl Marble and Crema Valencia. With its aesthetic features and properties, our marbles have significantly garnered the attention of the competitive construction industry.

Some of the prominent features include:

  • Cost effective prices to suit every customer needs
  • Different colors, sizes and patterns available
  • Highly durable and light weight
  • Fine finish and rich colors
Imported Color Marble

Demand for imported color marbles in modern construction has risen as they add style to the space. Imported from various countries like Italy, Spain, China, etc, these are the sought after marbles for their outstanding chic appearance and glaze. As an imported color marble exporter, manufacturer and supplier, we bring forth these marbles in various sizes, colors, designs, patterns as well as different resin filling which is the main source of its glazed finishes and appearance. We offer Imported color marbles in various types like dark Emperador marble, Light Emperador Marble, Grey Williams Marble, Black Marquina Marble, etc.

Some of the factors that our products best in the market are:

  • Glazed finishes and appearance at cost effective prices
  • Various colors and designs
  • Available at cost effective prices
  • Available in customized packaging
Indian White Marble

Since, Indian white marble has unique structure and requires high polish, these marbles are widely used as decorative stones to adorn architectural and sculptural pieces. When it comes to architecture, it is used on exterior walls, floors, stairways, etc, however it is applicable for both sculptural bases and outdoors. As an Indian white marble exporter, manufacturer and supplier, we make use of skills and techniques to offer Italian white marble in various kinds such as Ambaji white, wonder beige, morwarh white, jabalpur white, banswara, etc.

Some of the prominent features that we guarantee in our products are:

  • Highly glazed and polished surface
  • Limited porosity to resist waterproof
  • Available at cost effective prices
  • Strong and effective packaging to ensure complete safety
Antique Finish Marble

Marbles can also be processed and polished to give an antique look to the floor. As an antique finish marble exporter, manufacturer and supplier, we achieve this antique appearance by rolling the tiles around in a large container filled with sand. This process produces a finished product which has round corners and chipped edges. Our marbles can bring lot of character to older style homes. Antique finished marbles are also suited for people who wish to be consistent with architectural period in this modern period.

Some of the factors that makes our products the best in market are:

  • Unique finished appearance
  • Round corners and chipped edges
  • Add regal charm to a place
  • Available within time and budget
Composite Marble

Composite marble is basically man-made and used as an alternative to natural stone marbles. Composite marble exporter, manufacturer and supplier make use of high grade polyester resin and color pigment with natural marble chips or powder to produce these marbles. It is usually produced in forms of blocks and is cut and polished. Our composite marbles have acquired a lot of admiration and appreciation amongst our clients for its unmatched ability to be compatible with the diverse needs of the modern designing.

Being a reliable composite marble exporter, manufacturer and supplier, we guarantee following features in our products:

  • Available in various colors, designs and styles
  • Color and design consistency
  • Easily affordable
  • Packed in strong packaging to avoid damages
Quartz Marbles

Both quartz and marble are found in earth's crust, marble, a metamorphic rock and quartz, a crystalline rock, have numerous industrial uses. As a reliable Quartz marble exporter, manufacturer and supplier, we make use of latest techniques and skills to manufacture these in different colors like white, yellow, purple, red and many more. Our quartz marble possess high architectural value and is also used in kitchen counters for its smooth finish, bright colors and hardness.

Some of the prominent features of our products are:

  • Highly durable and strong
  • Available in bright colors
  • Smooth and fine finishes
  • Resistant to spills and acids
Quartz Onyx

Onyx is a cryptocrystalline form of silica composed of minerals like quartz and moganite. Being a quartz onyx exporter, manufacturer and supplier, we offer these in variety of colors ranging from blue, green, Grey onyx marble, honey onyx original, parrot green and pink. Since its black and white alternating bands creates a beautiful and high appealing carving, it is commonly used as a carving stone. It is much softer like other marbles and is more susceptible to stains, however, being a translucent it can lit its beauty from anywhere.

Some of the features include:

  • Used for beautiful carvings
  • Soft and perfect finish
  • Translucent in appearance
  • Durable and long lasting
Quartz Sparkle

Sparkle quartz is basically a unique concoction of high performance white cement and silica sand with a blend of abalone to ensure a finish that is durable as well as stunning. We, quartz sparkle exporter, manufacturer and supplier utilize best techniques and skills to ensure production in different colors. Our range of sparkle quartz in pool finish provides a touch of elegance and refinement to the surface. Moreover, for its resistance against acidic water, easy maintenance, smoothness, and long lasting finishes, this is perfect for any backyard oasis.

Some of the factors that makes our products the foremost choice of clients are:

  • Eye catching surface
  • Low maintenance costs
  • smooth and long lasting finish
  • High resistance against water or any liquids
  • Contains silica which is stronger and long lasting
Quartz Granite

Both granite and quartz are used in kitchen and bathrooms for counter tops. Granite, quite popular, is a naturally occurring material, formed from stones and minerals. We, quartz granite exporter, manufacturer and supplier offer variety of colors and patterns to suit to different requirements of the market. Besides, our quartz is durable as it can resist cracks and chips. Our quartz has immense variation in its appearance and when used for counter tops since it is easier to match quartz with the seams.

Our products are embedded with following features:

  • Non-porous nature to repel moisture
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Highly durable and hard
  • Available in range of colors and styles
Inlays, Medallian & Table Tops

As a prominent inlays, medallion and table top exporter, manufacturer and supplier, we employ latest techniques and technology to create designs, pictures or patterns. We offer high quality and beautifully designed medallions that can be used to design a customized mosaic or to simply add an accented styling to the art piece. Besides, our table tops can bring lot of style to a dining or living room. Available in marble or wooden, our table tops are used to give an artistic appeal to any surrounding.

Some of the factors that distinguish our products in the market are:

  • Artistically designed pieces
  • Various styles, patterns and shapes available
  • Available at pocket friendly prices
  • Enhance the uniqueness of a place
Temple & Statues

As a prominent manufacturer, exporter and trader of temples and statues of various size and shapes, we bring an exquisite collection of famous statues of Hindu god and goddess. Our emphasize on skill craftsmanship, translating our clients' imagination into realty. We also execute a large number of orders with highest quality within a stringent time schedule. We are committed to our culture and craft our design in accordance to our ancient scriptures. Our primary objective of creating Hindu temples and statues to expand our culture beyond geographical boundary and perpetuate our rich culture across the globe. In our endeavor we export our collection to a large overseas clientele.

As a prominent temple and statues exporter, we offer an exquisite collection, which has following features:

  • Best quality products in marble in affordable prices
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Available in various sizes, craft temples according to interior design
  • Doesn't require special attention, only clean it with cotton or clean cloth
  • No special maintenance required

Stone furniture are durable items which are capable of standing the test of time and at the same time add lot of character to the overall style of homes. We, Stone furniture and handicraft exporter, manufacturer and supplier offer our products to clients who are looking to enhance the uniqueness of interior and exterior design of their homes. Our range of products are items such as statues, vases, stone temples etc, which can add to the exotic architecture of homes. These accentuate overall elegance of homes and buildings.

Some of the features in our products includes:

  • Highly durable and long lasting elegance
  • No after care and minimum maintenance
  • Highly durable
  • Available in customized packaging

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